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Aztech Technology is a group of digital enthusiasts coming together every day to bring something new to the world of Development. Digital being a relatively new avenue of marketing, gives us the opportunity to execute some of the most unique executions for our brands in the www space. We are the creative digital workshop providing our clients the "leverage"
Responsive Design


We work with all sorts of clients across all sorts of industries; and we like to build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with them. Our digital marketing services have been the ground for many brands and businesses who have excelled through digital strategy, research, advertising, social media or application development services. Most importantly, it's about ensuring that our ideas and campaigns make our clients' businesses as successful as possible. And the results speak for themselves.


We know that everything starts with our people, and we strive to create an environment for them that will fire their enthusiasm, and inspire their creativity. Our people make the difference between a good and an outstanding campaign. We Develop and Provide the technology that sets Aztech Technology apart, but it’s our team’s skill, knowledge and understanding that make your social campaign really stand out.Our Training Provides by Trainer Not By Teacher.We Use Modern Methodology Of Development to Make Smart Applications.


We offer rewarding careers if you are a technology lover, creative bug, difference-maker or an innovator. We, at Aztech Technology, love people who are unique yet like us endeavoring to refine the Digital experience. We would love to hear from you so drop us a message if you think you fit in any of the roles announced in Available Positions.
  • Patna - India
    Pal Bhawan - 2nd floor,
    Ara Garden More
    Jagdeopath(Piller no-4)
    Bailey Road.

Head Office (Patna)+91 93048 09774
Jagdeopath,Bailey Road (Office)+91 612 322 3871